Selected memoirs/essays/reviews

“Love, Crazy?” Alaska Quarterly Review, Summer/Fall 2019

“The Trump in Me,” SCOUNDREL TIME, January 29, 2019

“Bird, Window,” ECKLEBURG, April 16, 2019

“My Sexual Politics,” ROAR, Nov 2017

“Review of Elizabeth Rosner’s ‘Survivor Café,” ROAR, September 19, 2017

Vocabulary Lesson,” Blue Mesa Review, May 2016

My Dream of Androgyny”, the Sunday Rumpus Essay, April 17, 2016

“My Mother’s Lipstick,” Cactus Heart, April 17, 2016

“On Not Remembering,” the Nervous Breakdown, December 8, 2015

“Elephant Girl,” reprinted in Referential, June 5, 2015

“The Shortest Distance between Two Points,” Tin House online, July 22, 2013

“The Daddy-Cure,” StoryQuarterly, Fall 2014

“Robert F. Kennedy and Me,” The Good Men Project, June 6, 2013

“The Bread of Affliction and the Tyranny of the Sandwich,” HuffPost, April 2013

“Mrs. Finch,” Los Angeles Review, Fall 2010

Looking for An Angle, Alaska Quarterly Review, Spring 2008
(Named as a Notable Essay of the Year in Best American Essays 2009)

“Family Dictionary: Stuffy,” Two Hawks Quarterly, Inaugural Issue, 2007

“School Shoes,” Bellingham Review, Spring 2007
(Nominated for a Pushcart Prize)

Nature Lessons,” Cimarron Review, Winter-Spring 2007

Waiting for Breakfast,” Black Warrior Review, Spring/Summer 2006

Glen Haven Asylum,” Bellingham Review, Fall 2005

Fifteen,” Alaska Quarterly Review, Fall/Winter 2005
(Nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Named as a Notable Essay of the Year, Best American Essays 2006) 

The First Place,” Puerto del Sol, Summer 2004

Trains, Alaska Quarterly Review, Fall 2003
(Named as a Notable Essay of the Year,” Best American Essays, 2004)

Migraine,” CRAZYHORSE, Fall 2003

“Elephant Girl,” in OPEN HOUSE: Writers Redefine Home, Ed. Mark Doty, Graywolf Press, June 2003

Kiddie Pants or Kiddie Porn? Salon, March 12, 1999

Analyze This” (cover story) Los Angeles Times Calendar section, August 3, 2000

Drawing Boundaries,” adapted from In Session, Psychology Today, June 1999

The New Flirting Game,” Psychology Today, February 1999

Of Dice and Men, LEARS,  January 1993

A Family Sick as Dogs,” LEARS,  June 1991

“Health Department,” LEARS, March 1991


Mental Health journalism

As a Senior Writer/Editor for the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, wrote numerous reports, interviews, Q&As, and other web content.

Also co-wrote “The Resource Parent Trauma Curriculum,” a two-day training for resource parents on child trauma and its consequences, 2011.


As a Contributing Editor to Psychiatric Times

“Chronically Depressed Patients with Childhood Trauma Histories Respond Better to Psychotherapy,” March 2004

“Unlearning Fear: Calcium Channel Blockers and the Process of Extinction: An Interview with Mark Barad, PhD,” May 2003

“Studies Supporting Empirically Validated Therapies Questioned,” April 2002

“Physician, Treat Thyself?: the Risks of Self-Prescribing,” December 2001

“New Treatments for Anxiety Disorders in Children,” September 2001

“News Brief: Use of Psychotropics in A Preschool Population,”On-Line Reports from the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting. May-August 2001

“Trauma: From Bosnia to the Inner City : the Work of Robert Pynoos,” May 2001

“Evidence for Unconscious Mental Processes: Was Freud Right?” July 2000

On-Line Reports from the American Psychiatric Association Meeting, May-August 2000

“Risk Management with the Suicidal Patient,” March 2000

“Childhood Trauma, CRF Hypersecretion and Depression,” October  1999

“Childhood Onset Schizophrenia: Latest NIMH Findings,” September 1999

“Switching Antipsychotic Agents in Schizophrenia,” May 1999

“Eating Disorders and the Family: Controversies and Questions,” September 1998

“EMDR: Achieving Legitimacy in Psychotherapy?” June 1998

“Brain Development, Attachment, and Impact on Psychic Vulnerability,” May 1998

“Making the Case for Long-Term Psychodynamic  Therapy,” September 1997

“Search for the Mutative Moment,” September 1997   

“Eye-Tracking and Working Memory Deficits Studied in Schizophrenia,” November 1993

“Former Researcher Jensvold Urges Clean Sweep at NIMH,” October 1993

“Trauma, Transference Explored by Psychoanalysts at National Meeting,” July 1993


Other medical/mental health journalism

“Psychologist-Writer Collaborations,” the Los Angeles Psychologist, May-June 1999

“Depression in Dementia: Untangling the Threads,”(cover story), Caring for the Ages, July 2000

“Enter the Case Manager,” Rx Homecare Magazine, June 1989

“Marketing through Ostomy Awareness, ” Rx Homecare Magazine, October 1987

“Sweet Dreams, Baby” (home apnea monitoring), Rx Homecare Magazine,  December 1987

“How Sweet It Is” (diabetes),  Rx Homecare Magazine, January 1988

“Hey, Look Me Over” (self-monitoring), Rx Homecare Magazine, February 1988

“The Pressure’s On” (pressure ulcer prevention),  Rx Homecare Magazine, March 1988

“Why Not Co-op?” (co-op advertising in home health care),  Rx Homecare Magazine, May 1988

“Anatomy of An Apnea Monitor Recall,”  Rx Homecare Magazine, July 1988

“Ostomy from A Patient’s Perspective,” Rx Homecare Magazine, October 1988

“Taking Physical Therapy Seriously: the Tradition at Rancho Los Amigos Hospital,”  (cover story, premier issue)  Rehab Management Magazine, November 1988

“Autonomy and Control: Physical Therapists and Physicians,” Rehab Management Magazine, February 1988